Behind the Scenes #1

Well, foley and ADR mixing has now commenced on SYJ, which will hopefully take up most of my spare time over the next week or so. For those keeping tabs (and I know there’s a few of you) here’s a screen capture from the film.

Jamie At School

Image courtesy Fernby Films (C)2007.

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Revenge Of The Hobbit

Well, it seems as though legions of film fans around the world can breathe just a little easier today. Yesterday it was announced by New Line Cinema and MGM Studios, as well as famed director and one of my idols, Peter Jackson, that the movie version of The Hobbit, the precurser to The Lord of The Rings, is finally a go. Given the recent issues Jackson had with New Line, losing out on a percentage of the profits on Fellowship Of The Ring, and the fact that New Line have had a string of flops in the last year or so, meant that the Hobbit was not always a foregone conclusion. Now, thanks to cooler heads prevailing, it is so.

And I, for one, could not be happier. Not since the announcement of the original LORT trilogy have I been so excited about an upcoming film event. And not only will there be one Hobbit film, but a second one (the nature of which there is substantial speculation) as well.

Consider me now in Hobbit heaven!

Foley, ADR, and a bung knee!

Well, the filming of SYJ pickups didn’t go exactly as planned yesterday. Whilst the weather was undoubtably the best day for filming I think we’ve ever had thus far on this project, Stephen was a no-show due to family issues that pounced upon him. Which meant that we were unable to film the reshoots and pickups. But we did manage to get Jamie into the editing studio and record some ADR and dubbing for use on the film.

It all stems from the original audio recorded at the time of principal photography, some of which is uttely unuseable. Now, I have never done anything like ADR before on a film, as I always considered it a magnificent bastard of a thing to try and accomplish. But considering how much effort has gone into this project already, I felt it prudent to give it a shot. Thankfully, Jamie was equal to the task, and we got some awesome dubbing and vocalisations that will come in handy in the final mix.

After Jamie had been dropped at work for the afternoon, Mick and I set about recording foley and effects for the film (and some sounds not for the film) until about 8pm last night. We purchased some fruit and set about stabbing, dropping, squashing, slicing, tearing and squelching our way through various items of fruit in order to get strange and varied sounds.

Unfortunately, whilst performing some movements to get some foley, I managed to stuff my right knee, which is now giving me all kinds of holy moley heck. A day later, and it’s really noticeable.

Anyway, suffering for one’s art is nothing new, so I guess bearing with it, and trusting that it’ll all be worth it in the end, will have to suffice!

Rain, rain, gets in my way!

Well, the rain today ruined a perfectly good opportunity to record some foley and sound effects. I had planned to go out and record audio for a couple of atmos tracks and some foley, however, the dam weather and rain decided to ruin it. Oh well, hopefully tomorrow is nice and sunny so the boys and I can film some pickups and stuff. Wish me luck!

Rain, rain, go away!

Just when you think the weather is going to be great… the rain comes down. Even though it’s friday evening, and the rain is pelting at my window, I am still hopefull of a decent days filming tomorrow arvo and Sunday morning. Should it not go my way, this will result in a great dissapointment to me. Should Sunday morning be washed out, this will delay the release of SYJ by at least a month, as most people will be on holidays in January.

Grrr, go away rain!!!

Filming pickups…

In the hurricane procedure of making a film, even a short one such as Schoolyard Justice, I am always amazed at how much planning goes into them. Casting, scripting, planning locations and other things of this nature, make the filmmaking process one of the most daunting prospects for any budding filmmaker. You plan everything to the n-th degree, trying to account for all possibilities and potential slipups…. sometimes, you don’t get things right the first time.

 For those who know, SYJ has been filmed over the course of 2007 utilising the talents of amatuer actors, filmmakers and… to be honest….. people off the street. And the directing talents of myself notwithstanding, I think we have achieved an incredible amount. But there are problems. Music is still being written, and small issues with previously shot material have cropped up.

I did realise that a single day of shooting most of the heavy, dramatic moments of the film was probably not enough. But I hoped it would be. I planned for every contingency and outcome. Well, I thought I did.

Unfortunately, not everything turned out exactly the way I had envisioned it. Getting the footage of the boys back into the editing room, and starting to put the film together, I reaslized that there were some shots that didn’t come together the way I wanted, and some that were not done right at all.

All the planning in the world won’t help if your back is against the wall and you just have to “get it in the can and get home”.

 So it’s off for pickups this weekend. The boys are returning to the location for SYJ and reshooting some key (and some not so key) shots that I want to have another go at. Just to make sure the film is exactly what I want. After all, this will be around forever, once released. the old filmmaking adage is: “pain is temporary, film is forever”. Never has this been more true.

The cast, particularly Stephen and Jamie, have been exemplary in their dedication to the cause. 

Schoolyard Justice – Overview

Recently, many people would have become aware that I, along with fellow filmmaker Michael Kubler, have begun work on a short film project entitled Schoolyard Justice. Based on a story by Lachlan Cupit, this film will hopefully provoke some discussion in todays climate of violence and agression by our children towards others.

Bullying in schools became a hot topic in 2007 when a Victorian pupil won a court settlement against the school he was victimized at. about two months before this story broke in the local media, Mick and I began working on Schoolyard Justice, as we felt it was relevant and important regardless. Both of us had been bullied at school to a certain point. And this was a story both of us felt compelled to tell, as it was a central theme in our developmental stages of life and one which we had managed to overcome. But some don’t.

 By trying to give some small insight into violence at school, or just in general, perhaps we can provoke a reaction in people to not only think about bullying generally, but to evaluate how we as human beings have a responsibility to treat our fellow human beings with respect and dignity.

For the Schoolyard Justice official website, follow the links on the banner to the right.

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