Mission Impossible Movie Review

Movie Review – Mission: Impossible II

Like being trapped in an elevator with somebody suffering from UBS, Mission: Impossible II rankles the nose and offends the spirit. Bereft of coherent logic, devoid of passion, and brimming with pompous, gargantuan action that means little, this sequel to DePalma’s sl0w-burn success is borderline unwatchable. If you removed the copious slow-motion in this thing, you’d have a 30 minute travelogue of Australia.

Mission Impossible Movie Review

Movie Review – Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Terrific, labyrinthine thriller plays more like a Bond film than any Mission Impossible film we’ve seen to-date, Ghost Protocol might just be the most intelligent of the four entries into the franchise thus far. Cruise plays himself once again, and he’s ably assisted by a terrific cast all delivering the goods in their supporting roles. Brad Bird helms the film like he’s been doing it forever, with plenty of thrills, spills and spy-game activities to keep the John Woo fans at bay once again. A terrific film: most definitely worth your while.

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