Movie Review Pirates Of The Caribbean

Movie Review – Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

What on earth were people on about? This isn’t such a bad film! Sure, it’s missing many of the elements the original Pirates trilogy had – Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley in particular – but the film is a genuinely entertaining sea-borne romp. Rob Marshall doesn’t quite come to grips with the scale of the production, and many of the subplots don’t quite work as well as they could, but its a serviceable adventure comedy in keeping with Disney’s theme park ride. Much like the other films, On Stranger Tides seems a tad bloated with production value, almost as if they couldn’t find enough places to spend the budget they had, so Marshall seems to have thrown everything bar the kitchen sink into this film, and you get the sense that not everybody seems to be having as much fun as they did before (Geoffrey Rush looks pained to be in this) but the wiley Captain Jack, along with newcomer Penelope Cruz and Ian McShane’s snarling Blackbeard, more than make up for any of the films shortcomings. Terrific fun.

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