Aliens Franchise Movie Review

Movie Review – Prometheus

After all the hype, after all the build-up, the end result is a resounding “meh”. Prometheus is little more than a director trying – and failing – to recapture the magic of a film he made three decades prior; I suspect this failure is due more to a confused and confusing script, a script which gives us characters we don’t care about and behavior we don’t understand. As an entry into the Alien universe, Ridley Scott has crafted a film devoid of any genuine thrills or awe, and as a film trying to explore the building blocks of humanity, it comes across as a join-the-dots construction of semi-formed ideas with a kindergarten-level idea of theology.

Aliens Franchise Movie Review

Movie Review – Alien 3 (Theatrical Version)

A brutally difficult film to enjoy, Alien 3 is as dark as it gets in the franchise’s history. Directed under almost impossible conditions imposed by Fox, David Fincher has crafted an iconic, melancholy, and grimy Alien film that often achieves greatness,yet seems stifled under the oppressive weight of its own intent. Devoid of obvious humour, overtly violent (often seemingly for the sake of it!), Alien 3 is by far the least accessible film in the series.

Aliens Franchise Film Classic Movie Review

Movie Review – Aliens (Directors Cut)

Amped up sequel to Alien, James Cameron’s defining blockbuster opus still holds up as a modern masterpiece in science fiction terror. With a careful build-up and a slow burn tension permeating the film’s opening act, once the aliens attack and the action starts, it never lets up. Bold, astoundingly well made, and utterly compelling, Aliens will probably remain the best of Cameron’s early works.

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