Movie Review Spider-Man Franchise

Movie Review – Amazing Spider-Man 2, The: Rise Of Electro

An increase in character numbers, a surfeit of action, and plenty of Peter/Gwen angst makes for a jam-packed movie, a movie so jam-packed it cannot sustain itself outside of a couple of well made action set-pieces. Logic goes out the window, the film often disregards its own internal common sense at times, and much of the character development falls flatter than a squashed insect, making this Spider-Man adventure relatively hollow at the end of the day. Superficially exciting and most assuredly the definition of a “blockbuster”, a more detailed look into the film’s working uncover a raft of problems that make it merely another brightly colored turkey.

Movie Review Spider-Man Franchise

Movie Review – Amazing Spider-Man, The

Lengthy, yet crucially fast-paced this revamp of the Spider-Man franchise delivers another version of the Origin Story, albeit in a fresh and invigorating manner. Garfield is wonderful as Spidey, Emma Stone is the definitive Gwen Stacey (sorry Bryce Howard) and Ifans’ performance as the tragic villain is solid back-up. Overall, a pleasant diversion and a great take on Spider-Man, and I can’t wait to see where they take this next.

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Movie Review – Web vs Wheels: The Spider-Man Trilogy vs The Transformers Trilogy

Giant robots fighting on Earth. Heroic spider-themed young man finding his way in the world. Measure out in equal increments, stir rapidly until explosions and effects look shiny, and serve with a cool drink and surround sound. The ultimate trilogy Smack (at least for this year!) finally lands on Earth, as we put Optimus Prime, the Decepticons and all that Bayhem into the ring with Spider-Man, Doc Oc, Sandman and Mary Jane Watson. And we all know Kirsten Dunst can land a punch. It’s The Spider-Man Trilogy vs The Transformers Trilogy. It’s an all out geek-cool battle to the finish!!