8 thoughts on “Movie Review – Jurassic World

  1. Hey, I'm glad we're in the same wavelength about this one Rodney! I had a convo with a couple at a press screening about the stupidity of the characters that just kept getting dumber and dumber as the movie progressed. I mean, they went into the Indominus Rex's cage with no security whatsoever thinking the thing's escaped, wouldn't you think something THAT huge could escape without ppl noticing??! Heh, now Trevorrow is gonna direct the next Star Wars 'coz this movie made a bazillion dollars 🙁

    1. Yeah, but I think more work will go into the SW script, so he'll have less chance of asinine plot logic to contend with. I think Trevorrow is a good *visual* director, but he needs to work on the plotting and character aspects of his movies. Have faith, young Ruth. I'm sure his SW film will turn out okay.

  2. Your review is exactly how I feel about the movie! It's nothing special, just fine. Although I don't think it's better than The Lost World because I actually quite like that one.

    1. Yeah, not as keen on Lost World as you are dude, especially that Malcolm/His Kid thing they had going on, which sucked most of the life out of the film. But yes, THIS film is just *fine*, nothing extra special but not horribly bad. Frustrating, but not bad.

      1. I definitely didn't LOVE Lost World and that Malcolm and his daughter thing was really boring (and hilarious with that gymnastic scene) but I still think it's an underrated film. That scene with Julianne Moore on the glass is also my favourite scene in the entire franchise.

        1. Oh yes, you're right – that entire van-off-the-cliff-cracking-glass routine is vintage Spielberg, and probably rescues TLW from being a total, unmitigated disaster. Moore's role is criminally underwritten (then again, at least it's not as bad as Laura Dern's in the first film) but yeah, that film was borderline for me, big time.

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