Movie Review Terminator Franchise

Movie Review – Terminator Savlation

Charlie’s Angels director McG takes us into the future for the first Terminator film set after Judgement Day, which occurred in the final moments of the third film. Filled with amazing aaction sequences and effects, as well as a reasonably moving story for new franchise character Marcus Wright, Salvation is a massive return to form for the franchise after the lacklustre Rise Of The Machines.

Movie Review Terminator Franchise

Movie Review – Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines

Terminator 3 is a film that is most definitely has it’s fair share of problems. An aging lead actor, looking more haggard with each passing year, as well as some wobbly time-travel science, and a sense of not really being tonally in keeping with the original two films, leaves the viewer regretfully finding that it’s simply not up to the same calibre of work as Cameron’s installments. That said, it’s still a thoroughly entertaining action film on it’s own, and if you enjoy those kinds of blow-everything-up films, then you’ll still have a blast with this.

Movie Review Terminator Franchise

Movie Review – Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Dazzling, classic sci-fi action opus, the best film of the franchise and possibly one of the greatest cinema events of all time, T2 remains the definitive film by which Arnie is recognised. James Cameron could pretty much write his own ticket after this, and he did, following up T2 with True Lies and then Titanic, two more blockbuster films. Robert Patricks only major role of note.

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