Disney's Tinker Bell Mini Review Movie Review Walt Disney Collection

Movie Review – Tinker Bell & The Pirate Fairy (Mini Review)

Diverting entertainment doesn’t come more polished, pleasant or glowing than this, the latest entry into the Tinker Bell film franchise. It’s Disney through-and-through, a shining kiddie film that personifies all the moral, ethical and social Good Stuff you’ve come to expect from the Mouse House. The Pirate Fairy will entertain the young tots, bore the social-media obsessed teen, and provide welcome relief to any parent hoping to catch up on their cleaning. Unremarkable but competent.

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Movie Review – Smoke (1995) (Mini Review)

Nice intentioned, yet ultimately decidedly dull ensemble flick that sparkles whenever Stockard Channing or Forest Whitaker arrive on scene; Smoke spends more time away from the landmark cigarette store that headlines the film than they do in it. While the characters are generally interesting, and the movie is well filmed in and around New York City, there’s a lethargy and clunkiness to the script and the performances that prevent it from being a great film.

Disney's Tinker Bell Mini Review Movie Review Walt Disney Collection

Movie Review – Tinker Bell: The Secret Of The Wings (Mini Review)

Dynamite animation overcomes a somewhat haphazard plot, resulting in a beautiful – if emotionally vapid – Disney Fairies entry, the fourth in the Tinker Bell franchise. The story is as inconsequential as ever, although unlike previous installments Tinker Bell never develops as a person here; it’s more of an ensemble piece than the others, and I think this dilutes things for the younger tots as far as morals and messages within the story go. This doesn’t mean Secret of the Wings isn’t worth your time, because for any young girl under the age of 10, this is a critic-proof must see. It’s a terrific little film, although you do get the sense that there’s not much more to be mined out of this franchise.

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Movie Review – Fourth Kind, The (Mini Review)

Sporadically chilling, The Fourth Kind is a generally turgid affair that tries to frighten with purported “real footage” of people undergoing hypnosis to support the movie’s claims of alien abduction. The scares are fairly effective, although the large gaps of story between them are slow and tedious to work through. Milla Jovovich delivers a decent enough performance to save the film from complete oblivion, but Elias Koteas and Will Patton are given terrible characters that frustrate the viewer instead of giving us something to work with. The Fourth Kind tries for the same visceral thrills of The Blair Witch Project, but falls short of delivering a truly scary movie. In parts, it’s plain silly.

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Movie Review – Young Adult (Mini Review)

Well acted, well directed, painfully written adult comedy from the people who brought is Juno (a film I’m fairly ambivanelt towards), Young Adult barely has enough energy within it to warrant even the barest of reviews – no matter how good the film should be, it never once resonated with me in any emotional way. Theron’s character, while certainly well acted by the talented actress, is about as thick as two planks, and frustrating to watch…. neither of which is conducive to a great night in front of the television. I hated even liking this film, because I wanted to loathe it with every fiber in my being. In the end, however, I came to appreciate it for what it was: a well made, but utterly nasty, dramatic comedy that I never once found dramatic or comedic.

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Movie Review – Going The Distance (Mini Review)

Surprisingly sweet romantic comedy hits the mark for fun, yet feels a whole lot like you’ve been-there-done-that… and we have, many many times. The tried and true romantic comedy formula plays out exactly as it should, offering nothing new while at the same time delivering a welcome respite from dull, dreary Jennifer Aniston movies. Barrymore cruises through this, Justin Long is a solid leading man, and the backup cast all feel like they’re reading the playbook on rom/com films; it’s funny, sweet, and in the end utterly forgettable.

Disney's Tinker Bell Mini Review Movie Review Walt Disney Collection

Movie Review – Tinker Bell & The Lost Treasure (Mini Review)

A whole load less lighthearted than the original Tinker Bell, The Lost Treasure sees Tink (and us) out of her comfort zone dealing not only with friendship issues, but also the responsibility of keeping her fairy world going! Again, the Disney über-mantra of friendship and love pervades everything in this film, and the animation is again stunning for a Direct-to-DVD release, so for the young fans this will definitely be a keeper.

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Movie Review – Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (Mini Review)

Tepid, drama-lite character study of greed no longer being simply good, but rather being a state of mind. The young cast perform well on the big stage, while Michael Douglas look a little lost returning to his most iconic role – Gordon Gekko looks out of place in the swisho-schmick world of modern corporate baking and stock options – although it must be said that, as is often with Wall Street, looks can be deceiving.

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