Middle Earth Movie Review The Hobbit

Movie Review – Hobbit, The: The Battle Of The Five Armies

The epic conclusion to Jackson’s bloated Hobbit trilogy delivers rousing spectacle, insufficient character development and stunning visual effects, capping off the Middle Earth saga in fine style. Although beset with a number of problems drawn out of a shorter running time, and uneven character development for Thorin, and an utter waste of the other dwarves which, to date, have been central to the story, The Battle Of The Five Armies (ugh, what a mouthful of “the’s”) is a thoroughly entertaining blockbuster that will have you laughing, clapping and cheering for more.

Middle Earth Movie Review The Hobbit

Movie Review – Hobbit, The: The Desolation of Smaug

Rousing spectacle overrides many – but not all – of the flaws encountered in the previous instalment; Desolation is a more adventurous and epic film in many respects, delivering earth-shaking action with Smaug, some minor humor with the dwarves, and setting up the climactic third film to come. Desolation Of Smaug has a number of memorable moments, and will undoubtedly be a cracker on BluRay in years to come, and even though one can still argue for Jackson throwing in all available material into this relatively simple story, he stages the prodoction magnificently, papering over any flaws with dynamite film style and an adherence to one crucial blockbuster rule: keep people entertained.

Middle Earth Movie Review The Hobbit

Movie Review – Hobbit, The: An Unexpected Journey

After about forty minutes of Dwarvish “comedy” in Bilbo’s hobbit-hole, which sounds more like a euphemism than I anticipated, An Unexpected Journey starts to drag. The film takes an age to get going, with Jackson seemingly slavish to the literary foundations Tolkien established. Once this journey does kick off, however, the film gains momentum and maintains it until the very end – there’s battles, chases, monsters and some good-natured humor, all bringing a light-hearted feel to Middle Earth instead of “let’s throw the Ring into the pit of Mordor” we’re used to. An Unexpected Journey isn’t without pacing problems, and you can feel the bloated story starting to stretch the seams of audience acceptance, but overall, I welcome this return to Middle Earth and can’t wait to see the next installment.

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Movie Review – Lord Of The Rings, The: The Extended Editions vs The Theatrical Versions

In the rush to capitalise on the success and history of the epic nature of the film trilogy, Peter Jackson, thankfully, had enough foresight to realise that this project would become one of the most amazing cinematic journeys ever captured on handycam. He envisioned a DVD to accompany the films that would give the viewer amazing backstage access to the creation of the three films, from opening scripting and history of the story, to the final film’s Wellington premiere in 2003, and it’s subsequent Oscar sweep, and eventually to the creation of the Extended Edition of the film, seeing his work bow out into history as one of the most celebrated film trilogies of all time.

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