Movie Review Star Wars

Movie Review – Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope

Impossible to criticise, Star Wars has a life of it’s own in cinema, and is by far one of the single most influential films ever made. Energetic and amazing, this is the film that revolutionised what cinema was capable of. Some astounding concepts and a great production ethic, Star Wars managed to overcome the fears of studio heads to become one of the most successful film of all time. Spawning five feature films, television movies, and animated serials, Star Wars was to modern film what Lord Of The Rings was to literature.

Movie Review Star Wars

Movie Review – Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge Of The Sith

Gargantuan sci-fi epic from George Lucas, who pulls out all the stops to ensure his Star Wars prequels finish with a bang. More complex emotionally than almost any of the other SW films, the entire project hangs on the performance of Hayden Christensen being able to deliver the fallen Anakin well….. he doesn’t. Flat dialogue and an abundance of extraneous and unneccessary characters make for a bloated, and often nonsensical film, although the final act really is quite strong.

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