Movie Review Transformers Franchise

Movie Review – Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Excruciatingly uneven, overblown event film delivers gratuity and car-porn like you’ve never seen it, and makes Dark of The Moon’s climactic battle looks like a minor skirmish; Age Of Extinction is mostly a dirge, a flatly written, expensive showreel for ILM that offers little depth or meaning other than to showcase the effects. If that’s all you want (and I did), even then you might come away wishing somebody had spent even a single percentage of the bloated budget into a better script. Age Of Extinction will – perhaps unfortunately – not spell the end of Transformers, but it should make whoever directs the next installment just a little more thoughtful about what they do with it.

Movie Review Spider-Man Franchise Transformers Franchise

Movie Review – Web vs Wheels: The Spider-Man Trilogy vs The Transformers Trilogy

Giant robots fighting on Earth. Heroic spider-themed young man finding his way in the world. Measure out in equal increments, stir rapidly until explosions and effects look shiny, and serve with a cool drink and surround sound. The ultimate trilogy Smack (at least for this year!) finally lands on Earth, as we put Optimus Prime, the Decepticons and all that Bayhem into the ring with Spider-Man, Doc Oc, Sandman and Mary Jane Watson. And we all know Kirsten Dunst can land a punch. It’s The Spider-Man Trilogy vs The Transformers Trilogy. It’s an all out geek-cool battle to the finish!!

Movie Review Transformers Franchise

Movie Review – Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

Gargantuan visual effects film is a substantial improvement over Revenge Of The Fallen, and is truly a terrific piece of entertainment, yet still retains many of the problematic thematical elements which have undone much of Michael Bay’s excellent work. The films final hour is an out-and-out action extravaganza, and makes Dark Of The Moon the second best Transformers movie going around.

Movie Review Transformers Franchise

Movie Review – Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen

Slam-bang action, diabolical acting and dialogue, as well as some fatal flaws in character development, cannot overcome the most amazing action-oriented film Bay has directed yet. Yes there are problems with it, but on a sheer entertainment level, this film succeeds inordinately. No-brain popcorn chewing, epic CGI film with humans thrown in, Revenge Of The Fallen may just be the best of this year’s blockbuster films. Then again, with all it’s problems, it may just be one of the worst.