Starting From Then – Reflections on Starting From Now


One of the great truisms in all things cultural – music, television, literature or film – is to always leave your audience wanting more. Starting From Now creator, director and writer Julie Kalceff has achieved just that: the final season of her acclaimed and award winning lesbian-themed web series ends with a resounding high, giving closure to the ups-and-downs of the four central characters’ arcs and providing a nice send-off for fans. And there’s a lot of fans.

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Strings and Horns: How John Williams Could Have Helped The DCEU


There’s no denying it: John Williams is one of the greatest composers who ever lived. The fact that he’s created more memorable movie tunes than almost anyone else alive or dead is testament to his power as a creator of thematic material, something I believe missing from many of today’s blockbuster releases. Among his many graceful motifs, one of the most enduring is his themes for Richard Donner’s 1978 film, Superman, the first big-screen, big-budget extravaganza that swept audiences away with the adventures of the Man Of Steel. The theme, reused for no fewer than four sequels (including Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, albeit seconded by composer-in-residence John Ottman, who reworked many of Williams’ iconic elements into the new film) has become as synonymous with the character as the big S or Lex Luthor.

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Shattered Dreams – The Long Expected Death of The YA Genre


If you’re a serious film fan you’ll have noticed during the week the announcement by Lionsgate, the studio behind the Young Adult franchise Divergent, that the fifth and final film in the saga, Ascendant, would skip the planned 2017 cinematic release and become either a television movie/series, or at best a Direct-To-DVD release. Keep in mind, the first film in the Divergent series raked in nearly $300m in US box office off the back of an $85m budget, not bad for a film series in which nobody actually knows what the hell is going on. Embarrassingly for Lionsgate, the dwindling interest in the Divergent franchise, and its subsequent stumble into the less prestigious arena of television (hah), indicates a malaise not just with that series of films but the Young Adult genre overall.

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Most Incredible Characters


Last fall we learned that Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese would be teaming up once again to create a film that will no doubt be the talk of Hollywood when it’s finally released. This time around it’s Devil In The White City, an adaptation of Erik Larson’s novel about the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair and the infamous serial killer who plagued it. DiCaprio will reportedly be assuming the role of Dr. H. H. Holmes (the serial killer) in what could be one of his most fascinating character projects yet.

Most agree by this point that DiCaprio is among the more talented and accomplished actors in Hollywood, and it’s probably both a cause and a result of this that’s led him to play an amazing array of characters over the years. Those who have read Larson’s work will be expecting a villain for the ages when this next film surfaces, but in the meantime let’s take a look back. Not necessarily at Leo’s best performances, but at the most amazing people he’s played when he’s delved into history and literature.

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