Explaining Disney’s Star Wars Plans (For People Who Don’t Understand It)


Disney have a problem with Star Wars. Okay, not one that’s going to make things problematic for them at a creative or financial sense, but a problem of marketing their Anthology Star Wars films to the general, non-Star-Wars-geek public. Hang on, you say, what’s an “anthology” Star Wars film all about? Aren’t they all about Darth Vader and some kid named Luke, a hairy giant and a pair of gay robots? Er, not quite.

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Why I Probably Won’t Bother With Ghostbusters Either….


A lot of internet space has been utilised of late for discussion surrounding Paul Feig’s ill-advised-but-coming-anyway reboot of Sony Picture’s IP, Ghostbusters. Starring Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and….well, whoever, really, the film as attracted a lot of attention for being either a) unwanted, b) all-female, c) a remake or d)all of the above. Heck, I wrote an op-ed piece a while ago about this very film, although my focus of that piece surrounded whether we needed a remake of such a classic film franchise in the first place. Today, that discussion has shifted to whether or not men will watch the film because it’s got women in it, or whether people who aren’t interested in the film are misogynists. There’s a lot – yeah, a lot – of name calling and opinionising on Twitter, Facebook and all forums and comments sections as to why people hate the idea of a Ghostbusters remake/reboot, and whether sexism of any kind plays into the negativity surrounding it. To wit: here’s my view.

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Optimus Prime in TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, from Paramount Pictures.

Transfor-meh – Where To Next For Bay’s Bots?


Sitting on the bus this morning I caught the announcement teaser from Paramount Pictures that Michael Bay’s fifth shot at turning the Transformers franchise into a series of films we can anticipate rather than endure was about to go into production in June. Not only did it reveal that tidbit of information, the teaser also revealed the title of the upcoming explodathon – The Last Knight. Weirdly, I had visions of Paul Bettany as an Autobot version of Chaucer screaming hysterically at fleeing humans about how the battle would live on in history as one of the greatest.

To say I’m ambivalent about The Last Night, and what that title and Bay’s continued frenetic porn-styled shooting of the saga might entail exactly, is an understatement, and far be it for a Transformer illiterate such as myself to try and waffle on about the franchise’s mythology outside of Bay’s films; yet as a long-time viewer of these effects orgies I have a bit of an idea of what I’d like to see the series….er….transform into.

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Doris Roberts - 1925-2016

Vale – Doris Roberts

Doris Roberts - 1925-2016

Doris Roberts – 1925-2016

Hollywood stage and screen actress Doris Roberts, best known to audiences as the mother of Ray Romano on the long-running television sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, has passed away.

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Blue Clues? – Four Avatar Films Sequels Set For Production


In case you’ve been living under a rock the last three decades or so, you’ll know who James Cameron is. Director of such classics as Terminator 2 and True Lies, Cameron’s masterful style brought the ultimate acclaim with 1997’s Best Picture-winning Titanic, and with it an ego the size of a small Pacific nation. Following a lengthy period away from blockbuster cinema, Cameron returned in 2012 with his 3D-CGI-fest Avatar, a critically ambivalent film that divided audiences whilst simultaneously swallowing the fortunes of all along with it. Avatar remains the highest box-office earning film of all time – no small feat among the franchise tentpoles of Star Wars, Marvel and possibly the DC Extended Universe, not to mention the onslaught of Pixar and Dreamworks animated juggernauts. So when Cameron intimated early on in the aftermath of Avatar’s success that a sequel would be forthcoming, the reaction was decidedly “yeah, so?”

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