Where Are They Now?: Mira Sorvino


If there was an actress that epitomized the mid-90’s, it was possibly Mira Sorvino. Famously snagging an Oscar for her work in Woody Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite, and following that up with a boy’s-own action thriller alongside Chinese import Chow yun Fat, in Antoine Fuqua’s The Replacement Killers, the proverbial world was Sorvino’s oyster as everyone geared up for Y2K. Yet, following Killers, Mira’s career virtually dried up overnight, and looking down her filmography in the years since, she’s done loads of work on the screen, although not much of it has kept her on the Hollywood A-list.

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Where Are They Now? : Tami Stronach


Welcome to the first of what I hope will become an ongoing series, Where Are They Now?, in which we take a quick peek at the current life of former Hollywood stars.

Sometimes, fame and stardom comes easy, and for many it’s the sole reason they get into show-business in the first place. For others, the lure of the bright lights and sycophantic entourage wane almost as soon as it begins: Tami Stronach, the young girl who starred alongside Barrett Oliver and Noah Hathaway in The NeverEnding story, disappeared from the acting scene almost immediately the film vanished from cinemas. As a young lad growing up in the 80’s, Stronach was my first major screen crush (still is, although it’s a little creepier now), and people often ask what became of her, what other roles she appeared in.

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Movie Review – Kung Fury (2015) (Mini Review)


– Summary –

Director :   David Sandberg
Year Of Release :   2015
Principal Cast :  David Sandberg, Jorma Taccone, Steven Chew, Leopold Nilsson, Adreas Cahling, Per-henrik Arvidius, Eleni Young, Helene Ahlson, Eos Karlsson,
Approx Running Time :  31 Minutes
Synopsis:   Don’t bother, it sounds nuts. Watch the film at the bottom.
What we think :  If you don’t think a 30 minute short film can be the greatest viewing experience of your short, miserable life, then you are dead to me. Kung Fury is what happens when creativity and drive meet passion and kickstarter money. Endlessly enjoyable, filled with so many pants-wetting laugh-out-loud moments, Kung Fury is my new go-to for “hey, you have to watch this”. Brilliant.


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