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Movie Review – La Dolce Vita

It takes a while to get going, but eventually Fellini’s film gets to you. The juxtaposition of a new, modern sensuality (in post-war Italy) against the landscape of historical Rome, eventually sizzles, with Anita Ekberg’s vibrant sexuality almost Marilyn Monroe-esque in luminosity. La Dolce Vita isn’t the classic I’d expected, but as one of the most important works of Fellini’s career, it’s certainly enthusiastic, charming, and intelligent – if not always enlightening.

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Movie Review – Smoke (1995) (Mini Review)

Nice intentioned, yet ultimately decidedly dull ensemble flick that sparkles whenever Stockard Channing or Forest Whitaker arrive on scene; Smoke spends more time away from the landmark cigarette store that headlines the film than they do in it. While the characters are generally interesting, and the movie is well filmed in and around New York City, there’s a lethargy and clunkiness to the script and the performances that prevent it from being a great film.


Houdini’s Magic Ticket – What Film Would I Choose To Visit?

So I got this email from Dan over at Top 10 Films, asking if I’d like to be involved in a Blog-a-thon he was organizing. It was based on the concept of Houdini’s Magic Ticket, which was a central plot conceit in the Arnold Schwarzenegger film The Last Action Hero: the question is this – if you could go into any film you wanted, and/or be any character you wanted, which would it be?