Film Classic Movie Review

Movie Review – Top Gun

Cornball Hollywood actioner is as testosterone-laden as they come – heck, it’s the mid-80’s after all – and Tom Cruise’s star was certainly about to explode on the screen; Top Gun is all blast and little blow. Dynamic dogfights elicit a thrill, and although the story grinds to a halt when the action takes to the ground, the charisma of this ballsy cast more than acclimate to a dearth of development beyond cliche. Top Gun is fun, overblown and frantic, but aside from its spectacular stunt sequences, is really rather stupid.

Academy Award - Best Picture Film Classic Movie Review Rodgers & Hammerstein Musical Classic

Movie Review – Sound Of Music, The

There’s a reason this film is one of the greatest musical movies ever made; timeless, effervescent, captivating, lavish – all words which could describe The Sound Of Music’s astonishing longevity and popularity. Utterly enchanting decades down the line, you’re a hard-hearted person if you don’t enjoy this one.

Film Classic Movie Review Rodgers & Hammerstein Musical Classic

Movie Review – Oklahoma!

Aww shucks, gee-willikers, boy-howdy: Oklahoma! is a squeeze-bowl of good ol’ Americana, catchy tunes and wonderful cinematography. The R&H musical takes flight in this dazzling, lavish, brilliantly executed example of the Hollywood musical genre done right, with solid leading performances, nice ensemble work, and some terrific visual motifs threaded throughout. Like a surrey with a fringe on top, Oklahoma! is textured with standout production value that serves to frame this catchy, whistle-ready soundtrack and delightfully uplifting (if paper-thin) story.