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Movie Review – Kung Fury (2015) (Mini Review)

– Summary – Director :   David Sandberg Year Of Release :   2015 Principal Cast :  David Sandberg, Jorma Taccone, Steven Chew, Leopold Nilsson, Adreas Cahling, Per-henrik Arvidius, Eleni Young, Helene Ahlson, Eos Karlsson, Approx Running Time :  31 Minutes Synopsis:   Don’t bother, it sounds nuts. Watch the film at the bottom. What we think :  If you don’t think a 30 minute short film can be the greatest viewing experience of your short, miserable life, then you are dead to me. Kung Fury is what happens when creativity and drive…

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Short Film – Super Zero (2014)

Every so often, something comes along that really freaks my geek. By that, I mean I see it, and know I’ve seen something special. Super Zero is just such a something. A short film that is huge fun, I was approached by director Mitch Cohen to support it and give it some blogging love. So here we are. Blog love away! Here at Fernby Films we always try and support the up-and-coming film-makers when we can, and in our own small way, I can honestly say I was blown away…

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Short Film – Wasteland Panda

I know, I know, we don’t often promote films or ask for donations here at, but this time, we’re gonna slide this one in and hope nobody notices. Actually, we hope everybody notices. A good friend of ours has a little brother involved in film production, and his group recently came up with an idea for a series; they went to the Flinders Ranges, shot a three minute prologue with the hope of obtaining funding to complete the series. Look, we’re just gonna embed the clip and attach a…

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Beneath The Earth – The Winners Announced (and Reviewed!)

This years Beneath The Earth short film competition was an undoubted success – just check out the quality of the entrants and short list of films to choose from. While perhaps not achieveing the same broad-spectrum appeal as, say, Tropfest, BTE gave us some truly extraordinary short films this year, each with a style and individuality unique to their respective filmmakers. That’s the thing about short films, I guess: the filmmaker responsible has the ability to tell the story he/she wants without the constraints of studio interference or hinderance.

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Beneath The Earth – Film Festival Short Selection Up

As I announced at the start of the year, yours truly has been selected as a member of the Grand Jury on this year’s Beneath The Earth Film Festival, and have spent the day watching and reflecting on the newly uploaded selection of films to judge on. As a judge, I rate each film on a selection of criteria, including story, editing, acting, soundtrack and the like. Voting for the public is also open via Facebook, so do these amateur filmmakers a favor and check out some of their material.

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Movie Review – Animatrix, The

Mind boggling, powerful, confusing and stylish, The Animatrix is perhaps the ultimate way of extending the Matrix franchise beyond the three-film core. Each short film is animated differently, each story takes us somewhere new within the Matrix concept, and all are undoubtedly remarkable for their breadth of scope and style. If you enjoy the Matrix Trilogy, then the Animatrix is essential viewing.

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