Schoolyard Justice Update #7

Well, today I managed to complete the final edit of Schoolyard Justice; leaving all that is required now is music, sound editing and visual effects/digital grading. But the good news is, the cut that I have now I am happy with.

There was initially a problem with the original cut of the film, in that it moved too slowly. The opening dawdled, the middle cranked up a little, and then the end just kind of… well, whimpered a bit.

Now, after going back to square one and starting again, I have a version that suits me. It’s interesting, as an editor, just how much power and control you have over the final product of a film; you can remove and add entire sequences with the click of a mouse, and change the entire dramatic scope of a piece of work. One key scene inparticular was decidedly flat, about five minutes of unwatcheable boredom shoehorned into an otherwise passable dramatic film. My first thought was to re-film the scene, change the camerawork up a bit to spice things up. My second thought, and one that was more profound, was to cut the scene up and insert into the rest of the film as a flashback throughline that assists with the telling of the main plot.

Unfortunately, what this means is that some of the cast might be a little disappointed with the amount of screen time they end up with, but for the sake of the film, it had to be done.

So, with the audio post production left to do, and some visual effects to work on, the film is one step closer to completion.

Soon, the last trailer will be posted exlusively on the SYJ website, so check out the link to the right for updates to that!

After several nights of editing furiously, now I can afford to have a couple of days relax, before commencing sound work on Monday. So, it’s off to the farm for some relaxing time, and recharging the batteries!

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