Schoolyard Justice – The End

Well, I’ve done it.

I gave it my all, and now it’s over. The premiere of Schoolyard Justice will take place on Thursday night, June 26th, with the website launching the film across the internet the following day. I have just waved Mick (and Anya) goodbye, and he’s taken the final version of the film with him. So I can do no more. I have to admit, it’s a little nervewracking watching him leave, knowing that whatever happens now, I have no control over. It’s now up to you, the viewer, to witness the creative process both he and I have undergone the last year and a bit. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

Schoolyard Justice has been the product of a lot of work by a small number of people, which usually seems the way on small/low budget films such as this. While Mick and I bore the brunt of the leg work in terms of actual production and time, the cast gave their efforts for free (again, I thank them) and Ryan gave us his musical ability with no regard for cost. They all put in the effort that I asked, and then some. I hope they are as proud of the film as I am; considering the drawn-out production schedule, and the limited budget, I think we did okay!

My job on the film is done. All I can do now is work on the DVD release later this year, but the finished product is out of my hands.

I will post some images of the production process later during the week (if I remember!) but until then, I’m out of here. Enjoy!

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