Fresh FM – Schoolyard Justice Interview

Local dance station Fresh FM graciously gave Mick and I air time this morning to promote Schoolyard Justice. Below is the interview in full, with music tracks removed. At the very start of the interview, our host Rose’s microphone decided to stop working for a while, so I have adjusted the audio accordingly. Do not adjust your speakers.

I would like to thank Rose and the Fresh FM crew who gave us their time, and we appreciate their support for local talent. Here’s some photos from the studio!:::::

Rodney at the desk, awaiting the cue to start talking...
Mick & Rodney answer some probing questions about Schoolyard Justice.
Rodney with Fresh FM host Rosa Panetta
Anya, Rodney, Rosa and some guy who just wanted to get in the photo!!!

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Here’s the Interview: Fresh FM Interview

All photos (C) 2008 Grey Phoenix Productions

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