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Schoolyard Justice Update #9

Well, after a week of work and playing about with SYJ, I can say with certainty that the musical score I have recieved from musician Ryan Kris has assisted me to create an exciting and watcheable short film. I have spent a fair portion of the weekend working on the film (as well as having a nap earlier today) and am getting close to being happy with the final mix.

Final effects and visuals will be completed by Mr Kubler whilst I am away on holiday in Europe (more on this later in the week) but I expect to have the sound completed on the film by midweek.

Mick has also completed a poster for the film, which should soon be up on the SYJ website. Click on the link to the right to see it. Click on the thunbnail of the poster to embiggen. Of course, once the film is completed, this poster will be sent out to all and sundry to encourage them to cisit the SYJ website and see the final product.

More updates on the film will come later this week.

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  1. greyphoenix April 14, 2008

    I'm updating the site now with some little changes.

    The main nav bar has a more film look, and I've added the poster to the site.

    If people want the super high res version (for printing). Then the link below should work.


    In the mean time I'm working on photoshopping the beating photos, have half of them done.

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