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Beneath The Earth – Film Festival Short Selection Up

As I announced at the start of the year, yours truly has been selected as a member of the Grand Jury on this year’s Beneath The Earth Film Festival, and have spent the day watching and reflecting on the newly uploaded selection of films to judge on. As a judge, I rate each film on a selection of criteria, including story, editing, acting, soundtrack and the like. Voting for the public is also open via Facebook, so do these amateur filmmakers a favor and check out some of their material.

The winner of the Festival will be reviewed by all members of the panel, and receives a $1000 first prize. Expect to see my review of the winning entry here in due course.

So go over to the main website and watch some amazing, beautiful, hilarious films made by budding, up-and-coming directors of the future.

[My personal favourites are 2 Ambassadors, Chase In Prose, and It’s Natural To Be Afraid… check ’em out!]

Rodney T – EIC, + Grand Jury Member, 2011 BTEFF.

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