Schoolyard Justice – Website Update

Just a quick update today, not a lot of news sweeping the world worth printing in this blog: a hundred or so new photos have now been posted over at for you to check out. Check out the gallery page and prepare to spend hours and hours and.. well, perhaps a few moments perusing the imagery you find! Enjoy.

Only a few more days to go until the premiere! Woo Hoo, I am so excited. The film is in the final stages of rendering out, and then I hand the final copy to Mick to process into a suitable format/formats for the Internet.

Many thanks to Internode for allowing us to mirror the official website here in Australia, which will make watching the film a whole lot smoother for you folks! Check them out for great internet deals! Official premiere photos will be posted here afterwards, so if you have an interest in the film, check back to this website often later next week!

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