Matrix Franchise Opinion

Movie Review – Matrix Trilogy, The: Al K Hall Tips His Glass On The Matrix Spill-ogy…

Here’s what it is. The Matrix movies are a visual symbolization of a drinking binge. Go ahead and pretend like you don’t know this, yeah yeah yeah, but deep down you know i’m right.

The first movie, Matricks, is the buzz rush of an impromptu party you can’t believe you were lucky enough to be invited to. Matrix Loaded is after you’ve had too much and start purging. Matrix Revulsion is the post-party hangover and depression.

Matrix Franchise Movie Review Short Film

Movie Review – Animatrix, The

Mind boggling, powerful, confusing and stylish, The Animatrix is perhaps the ultimate way of extending the Matrix franchise beyond the three-film core. Each short film is animated differently, each story takes us somewhere new within the Matrix concept, and all are undoubtedly remarkable for their breadth of scope and style. If you enjoy the Matrix Trilogy, then the Animatrix is essential viewing.

Film Classic Matrix Franchise Movie Review

Movie Review – Matrix, The

Mind bending, game-changing science fiction film that revolutionized cinema forever, it’s hard to completely fathom just how this dense, intellectually action-packed movie managed to become one of the most iconic of all time and yet, at its heart, still be as fresh and original now as it was upon release. Staggering action sequences, as well as layer after layer of mythology and iconography, ensure The Matrix remains a genuine classic of the medium.

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