Schoolyard Justice Update – Final Edit

Hi all. Well, the finishing touches are being put onto Schoolyard Justice, the short film will premiere on at the end of this month, in full resolution glory.

I am currently doing a final sound check and edit check of the finished product, to ensure there are no last minute changes or alterations to the movie, before I hand over to Mick for web conversion.


To say Schoolyard Justice has been an enjoyable ride would be like saying the drive from Adelaide to Perth is an enjoyable one. If you like driving, I am sure it would be a blast. Thankfully, I like making films, but it’s most definitely been an odyssey, something I would gladly do all over again if the result was the same.

Of course, there’s always the DVD version, something that will be worked on in the coming months as we get set for a DVD release later this year, after the premiere. How much interest can a DVD of a fifteen minute short film actually create? That is the question. Still, if it helps us get funding for the next major project, then it will only be good.

Moment of Truth

As for right now, after a long day of mucking about, it’s time to hit the hay. Tomorrow, I’ll settle in for a long day of finalising and approving the final mix, the final edit, and the final render, before I give Mick a buzz over at Grey Phoenix and say “Mate, I’ve done it, now to get it ready for the website premiere.”

Something tells me that won’t be too far away.

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