Schoolyard Justice – YouTube Version Online Now!!

Hello all!!

Well, those following the evolution of our short film Schoolyard Justice will be happy to know that a version is now available to view online thanks to the magic of YouTube. You can view it here in this post, on the official SYJ website (link in sidebar), the Archive Page here at this site (again, sidebar to the right) and on my official YouTube page. This version is a low-resolution version, modified from the original for time and content. The original, uncut, hi-res version is still available for viewing only at the official SYJ site.

if you haven’t seen SYJ yet, please give it a watch and let us know what you think. We’re always looking for comments and constructive criticism on our work, so will take any comments under advisement.

Anyway, here’s the low-res version of Schoolyard Justice.

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