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Blown Globes: The Hollywood Foreign Press Is Sliding Into Irrelevance

This morning (Australian time) the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced their list of nominees for the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards. The full list can be perused here. No sooner had the list landed than Film Twitter lit up with several glaring observations that put a stain on the legitimacy of the Globes as a high profile and quality awards show similar to the Oscars. They’re the kind of thing that make one scratch one’s head and wonder exactly who is responsible for these nominations, and how they’re earned.

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Awards Season Opinion 

The 89th Academy Awards – A Beautiful Disasterpiece

*** So you’re the producer of the Academy Awards, the most prestigious show in Hollywood, and the pinnacle of self-congratulatory back slapping and industry acknowledgement. It’s your job to ensure the annual 3-hour event goes off smoothly (or as smoothly as it can with a bunch of celebrities all in the same room, and so many moving parts to juggle). For the best part of 200 minutes, the 89th Academy Awards were gong seamlessly, with almost no discernible issues or problems – such as John Travolta’s now infamous mispronunciation of…

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Road To The Oscars – So, Who’s Gonna Win?

Each year, social media and online film communities spend an inordinate amount of time trying to predict the Oscars, from which film will take home Best Picture, to obscure categories like Best Documentary Short and everything in between. Naturally here at Fernby Films we also like to throw the dice onto the craps table of Academy glory, so without further ado, here’s our selection on who’ll win what in today’s ceremony.

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