Fast & The Furious Franchise Movie Review

Movie Review – Fast Five

Action-packed 5th film in the Fast & The Furious franchise is actually an improvement over almost all the previous installments. While that may not actually mean it’s a good film (it is actually a pretty terrible one by cinematic standards) by comparison to the others this is finally a F&F entry which deserves its success. The pairing of Diesel and Johnson in the same film is dynamite, and the stunts, while bordering on the physically impossible, are superb.

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Movie Review – Unstoppable

Bland, barely exciting action flick from Tony Scott, which struggles to un-bog itself from an excess of character development before delivering the large-scale runaway train stuff we’ve all paid to see. It struggles to gain momentum (weird, for a runaway train flick!) and seems like it’s all a bit hard for the two leads – Unstoppable is less an unstoppable film and more a why-should-we-stop-it film.

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Movie Review – Starship Troopers

Screw you, haters – I loved this film when it came out, and although it has plenty of issues, still makes solid, violent entertainment. It’s the kind of film your mother would hate you watching, the kind of film “they” say turns normal folks into mass murdering psychos and stuff. Sod ’em: Starship Troopers is an absolute cheeze-blast of carnage through your eyeballs. It’s stupid fun with an unsubtle message just lurking below the surface.

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Movie Review – Megamind

This film tickled all the right bits of my body, just the way I like it. Ostensibly a riff on Superman, complete with the modern female reporter torn between her job and her love for the Hero, as well as the adoration of the entire city, Megamind seems initially like it might tread the same ground as Brad Bird’s The Incredibles, complete with the hip-conscious self-referential humor and subtle winks to the audience at its own cleverness.

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Movie Review – Paranormal Activity

Annoying characters populate this otherwise fascinating “haunted house” film, making a somewhat convoluted use of the “found footage” genre which appears to have sprung up in light of the YouTube generations fascination with filming even the most mundane stuff. Both of the leads in this film lack any kind of self-preservation response, and the guy in particular is an absolute douche, leaving me wishing with all my might that this coulda been a better film if he’d been killed off early or something.

Mini Review Movie Review

Movie Review – Harry Brown (Mini Review)

Absorbing, steady revenge thriller is almost undone by a glacial pace, but rewards viewers with a giant “hell yeah” when Harry starts his revenge. I hesitate to say this film is truly great, but it attempts to be. It’s slow, sure, and there’s giant minutes of buildup and tension leading to brutal, bloody violence, but the film avoids cliche by remaining truthful and respectful to the reality it presents us with. Michael Caine proves that he’s always had it, and still has it.

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Movie Review – Legion

Wishy-washy religious overtones aside, Legion isn’t as bad as I’d heard, but it’s not that great either. Problematic scripting, an implausible concept beset with all kinds of logic issues, and a cast of first rate actors delivering second rate performances, make Legion a frustrating watch. Paul Bettany, while I’m certain he had a a great time making this film, looks like he swallowed a bag of lemons the whole time, and the criminally underused Charles S Dutton once more proves that he should fire his agent. Derivative – yes, terrible, not quite, but it’s not really a good film outside of a few key moments.

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Movie Review – Buried

Terrifically suspenseful thriller, with a tour de force performance from Ryan Reynolds, Buried is a superb thrill ride with all the twists and turns a modern Hollywood blockbuster should have (but often doesn’t) and deserves a wider audience than it got in cinemas. Pick this up on DVD or BluRay and give it a try – it’s not a horror film, it’s a thriller in the truest sense of the word, and you’ll find plenty of times throughout the film where you’ll actually be holding your breath.

Academy Award - Best Picture Movie Review

Movie Review – King’s Speech, The

Solidly acted, well scripted, although completely unremarkable story of King George and his speech therapist, managed to scoop the Best Picture Oscar in 2010, beating out what was considered a fairly weak set of competitors at the time. The King’s Speech is an excellent film, as most British productions are, however I have to admit to a feeling of “ho hum” after watching it – yes, it’s good, but is it really that good?

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The Top 10 Disaster Films

The ground quakes, the sky turns red with fire, animals sleep together in unholy unions…. yes, that fabulous line from Bill Murray in Ghostbusters is about to come true – it’s either an asteroid armageddon or a man made cataclysm; either way, you’re screwed. Hollywood has built an entire industry out of a single genre: the disaster film. From the Irwin Allen produced specatcles of the 60’s, to modern effects-driven escapades, directors have always found new and spectacular ways of destroying humanity. The below list represents but a small portion of those films, a representation we believe covers all from space disasters, natural events and even, dare we say it, the medical problems of a deadly virus spreading through a human population. Some are pretty cheesy, some are quite serious, and all are spectacular in their own glorious way. So strap in, prepare yourself for planetary Armageddon, as we count down the ten biggest and best disaster films of all time!

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Movie Review – Machete

This film is all kinds of wrong, and should be abhorred by all free-thinking people across the world as a base, reprehensible excersice in wanton violence and immorality. Ahh, screw it. There’s no point trying to defend the indefensible. This film is hilarious, a terrific entertainment in the grandest pulp traditions borne of the 70’s schlock B-movie – as much a Grindhouse film as Planet Terror or Death Proof, and finally a ballsy, macho effort to stand alongside the work Sly Stallone’s currently putting out. Machete is adult, graphic and completely what “they” would tell you not to watch. Sod ’em. Watch it.