Harry Potter Movie Review

Movie Review – Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, Part 2

Resounding conclusion to the Potter franchise, featuring nearly the entire cast list from every film before it. Characters die, character step up to bat, and Voldemort finally gets what’s coming to him. Yes, the end is here, and it looks glorious. Whether it’s a great final film, however, will be determined by your acceptance of some of the shortcomings the film inherits from its predecessor – there’s very little character development outside of Harry’s relationship with the Dark Lord, and the sheer scale of the destruction and death becomes somewhat numbing after a while; props to Maggie Smith’s Professor McGonagall, who brings her battle face to this film, and also to Alan Rickman, turning in the most moving performance of the entire franchise in his finale as Severus Snape.

Harry Potter Movie Review

Movie Review – Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, Part 1

The calm before the inevitable storm of Part 2, Part 1 teeters on the brink of being an excellent film by managing to do something none of the previous films achieved (not for lack of trying) – giving our heroes some decent character development. The action is restrained, and limited in impact, while the focus of the story is the interaction between the three young leads; there’s a darkness brooding underneath the story, as Voldemort seeks control of the legendary Deathly Hallows, devices which will give him incredible power in the showdown with Harry Potter.

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Movie Review – Tron: Legacy

Dazzling, lopsided return to the world of Tron look like a million dollars, but lacks the emotional oomph the story so desperately demands. Newcomers to the Tron world may scratch their head in bemused confusion at all the special effects and lights, but those who believe will appreciate the effort that went into this movie. Visually arresting, yet devoid of any actual entertainment value aside from seeing money wasted on screen, Tron: Legacy elevates empty Hollywood filmmaking to a new level.

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Movie Review – Shrek Forever After

Fourth and final trip to the Fairy Tale Well has the hallmarks of a big send-off, but can’t quite deliver the rapid fire laughs of the first instalment (or even the second), nor the heartfelt characterisation of the franchise so far. Better than the third film, Shrek Forever After is a well intended, but ultimately same-same feeling entry into the franchise. Good enough, but I, for one, am glad they’ve called time on everybodys favourite ogre where they did.


Star Wars Wars – Or, How George Lucas Ruined His Empire For Us All…

The story of Star Wars is well known. This simple fact means I don’t have to spend a paragraph of five retelling the rags-to-riches story of one George Lucas, film-making auteur and to this day, the most successful independent filmmaker of all time. Lucas’s canny decision to retain the rights to the Star Wars merchandise, which Fox at the time felt was worthless, ended up being the business bargain of the century. His creation, Star Wars, became one of the highest grossing film trilogies in history back in the 80’s, after the release of sequel films The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi. He had more money than God, his own production company, the ability to develop new cinema technologies (such as the THX standard) and pretty much a run at anything he dared to dream of.

Movie Review Transformers Franchise

Movie Review – Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

Gargantuan visual effects film is a substantial improvement over Revenge Of The Fallen, and is truly a terrific piece of entertainment, yet still retains many of the problematic thematical elements which have undone much of Michael Bay’s excellent work. The films final hour is an out-and-out action extravaganza, and makes Dark Of The Moon the second best Transformers movie going around.

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Movie Review – Box, The

Well filmed, well acted sci-fi thriller falls apart completely at the end, with a “is that it?” final third that simply defies belief. It’s a frustrating conclusion to an otherwise excellent and well crafted mystery, until the denouement is shown and you’re left feeling cheated, swindled and conned. Mr Kelly, was that it?

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Movie Review – Wolfman, The (2010): Unrated Version

Critically lambasted horror flick, yet another re-invention of a Universal Monster, lacks emotional depth but more than makes up for it in gory, gruesome killing and some worthwhile scares. Not quite as frightening as it hopes to be, and yet not as terrible as many critics made it out to be either, The Wolfman will appeal to fans of the genre, but is probably best left alone by causal viewers.

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Movie Review – Race To Witch Mountain

Much like eating fairy floss, Race To Witch Mountain has the depth and emotional weight of a puddle of water. Mixing metaphors aside, this film is genuinely entertaining on only the most superficial level, like a carnival ride or low-rent computer game. It will keep the kids occupied for a while, but at no stage do you ever think to yourself: “man, I need to watch this again!” and that, my friends, is where this film sits with me.