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Gordon Tootoosis - 1941-2011

Canadian actor Gordon Tootoosis, who made a name for himself playing characters of American Indian decent, passed away this week. Tootoosis was of Cree and Stoney background, and was a long time social activist and social worker, when he wasn’t acting. Tootoosis first appeared on-screen with Donald Sutherland in 1974’s Alien Thunder, playing Almighty Voice, before going on to a long run as Albert Golo on the television series North Of 60. Other feature film appearances include Black Robe (1991), Legends Of The Fall, Crazy Horse, The Edge, Reindeer Games, Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee, and most recently in Blackstone. His voice work in animated films includes Disney’s Pocahontas, the sequel Pocahontas: The Legend, and 2006’s Open Season.

Gordon Tootoosis passed away on July 5th, aged 69.

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