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Beneath The Earth – The Winners Announced (and Reviewed!)

This years Beneath The Earth short film competition was an undoubted success – just check out the quality of the entrants and short list of films to choose from. While perhaps not achieveing the same broad-spectrum appeal as, say, Tropfest, BTE gave us some truly extraordinary short films this year, each with a style and individuality unique to their respective filmmakers. That’s the thing about short films, I guess: the filmmaker responsible has the ability to tell the story he/she wants without the constraints of studio interference or hinderance.

Top 10 List

The Top 10 Films They’ll Play In Hell

the question was asked: what are the top ten films they’d show in Hell to torment the evil film fan? It’s an interesting one, to be sure. Do you throw in a few bad sequels, most of which would be eminently worthy of inclusion, to pad the list out? Sure, there have been bad films down the years, but I think the ones in the list below indicate a special level of torment for which there can only be one result. Films they show in Hell. Cue BWAA HAAA HAAA here!

Movie Review

Movie Review – I Am Number Four

Terribly bland alien adventure mixed with teen romance has a wonderful concept, yet still feels like a half cobbled execution despite the obvious good intentions. Leading actor Alex Pettyfer seems bored by the whole thing, leading actress (and Glee starlet) Dianna Agron smoulders perfectly when she’s asked to (and she’s asked to a lot!), and Aussie Teresa Palmer does a great job as an ass-kicking fellow alien refugee. Overall, a solid effort, undone by a disinterested central character and a confusing tone.


Houdini’s Magic Ticket – What Film Would I Choose To Visit?

So I got this email from Dan over at Top 10 Films, asking if I’d like to be involved in a Blog-a-thon he was organizing. It was based on the concept of Houdini’s Magic Ticket, which was a central plot conceit in the Arnold Schwarzenegger film The Last Action Hero: the question is this – if you could go into any film you wanted, and/or be any character you wanted, which would it be?

Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Review Phase 1

Movie Review – Captain America: The First Avenger

Rousing adventure has everything working in its favor – a top cast, an adventurous script, and the production values one only finds with tentpole studio productions, and it all works a treat. While the film manages to be tonally different than previous Marvel hero films, such as Thor and Iron Man, this last solo outing prior to 2012’s The Avengers is a wonderfully realized precursor to the massive throw-down coming our way. Great fun in every sense.

From the Editor Opinion Short Film

Beneath The Earth – Film Festival Short Selection Up

As I announced at the start of the year, yours truly has been selected as a member of the Grand Jury on this year’s Beneath The Earth Film Festival, and have spent the day watching and reflecting on the newly uploaded selection of films to judge on. As a judge, I rate each film on a selection of criteria, including story, editing, acting, soundtrack and the like. Voting for the public is also open via Facebook, so do these amateur filmmakers a favor and check out some of their material.

Movie Review Spider-Man Franchise Transformers Franchise

Movie Review – Web vs Wheels: The Spider-Man Trilogy vs The Transformers Trilogy

Giant robots fighting on Earth. Heroic spider-themed young man finding his way in the world. Measure out in equal increments, stir rapidly until explosions and effects look shiny, and serve with a cool drink and surround sound. The ultimate trilogy Smack (at least for this year!) finally lands on Earth, as we put Optimus Prime, the Decepticons and all that Bayhem into the ring with Spider-Man, Doc Oc, Sandman and Mary Jane Watson. And we all know Kirsten Dunst can land a punch. It’s The Spider-Man Trilogy vs The Transformers Trilogy. It’s an all out geek-cool battle to the finish!!

Film Classic Movie Review

Movie Review – Citizen Kane

Stupefyingly magnificent piece of Americana film-making, to this day a genuine classic, and understandably revered as perhaps the greatest film ever made. Every shot, every cut and fade out is masterful, the cinematography is stunning, and the performances are perfect throughout the film. Absurdly magnificent, Citizen Kane remains a giant of a film, even if the story of its creation overshadows the end result somewhat.

Movie Review

Movie Review – Adjustment Bureau, The

Solid, tense romantic/thriller plays somewhat like a cross between a 40’s G-Man pulp genre piece, and a modern day romantic drama, all mixed with some sort of nebulous “higher power” mythology. Damon is terrific, and Emily Blunt more than ably backs him up with a nuanced performance as the object of his love. While the ending is a little weak, the majority of the film is energetic and unpredictable, with the quandary question posed: if you had to chose between an eternal love, or both of you remaining unfulfilled in life, which would you choose?