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Escaping Reality – Plugging into the machine…

It’s a strange paradox that’s evolved since the birth of the World Wide Web, where humans have become closer than ever before while gradually losing our ability to connect. Social networking has become the buzzword of the first decade of this new century, with major websites MySpace and Facebook leading the way, often to the detriment of actual human interpersonal relationships. The fact that we now have the ability to connect with anybody, anywhere in the world, at the click of a mouse button, has led to a dilution of social depth filled with Tweets and Status Updates no longer than a paragraph at best. Rather than a handful of real, actual friends with whom we have genuine bonds and interaction, we’re left with a gaggle of world wide networking “friends” that have no meaning in our lives save for bolstering our increasingly bloated “friend list”.


Disney buys Marvel Entertainment – Our Thoughts

With a stroke of the pen, Disney aquired Marvel Entertainment, the second largest publisher of comics in the US (Behind DC COmics) and a wealth of franchsie properties with which to continue commercial viability. But is this buyout (not a merger) a good thing, or bad, for the characters now controlled by a company famous for it’s family-friendly branding and doo-gooder mentality? Read on to find out!!!