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The Future of Blu-Ray: Will The Internet Kill Off Blu?

We live in a truly remarkable age. The age where just about everything we do has a digital imprint – social media, entertainment, communications, heck even business is often conducted over the internet and other digital forms, with what has now become a remarkable interconnected lifestyle for all of us. The humble mobile phone, for example, has long since left the domain of simple phone calls; nowadays, your touchscreen phone is nigh capable of launching nuclear missiles from an off-shore submarine, they contain so much technology. Even a bottom of the range portable tablet device can multi-task, making calls, surfing the web and everything but make you a morning coffee.

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5.1 vs 7.1 – Is it worth upgrading?

The good thing about 7.1 soundtracks on the high definition format of BluRay, is that even if you do not have a 7.1 system, your audio receiver will (should) downmix the extra audio signals into your pre-existing two rear channels. This means you’ll still get the full audio signal provided by the original mix, it will just be shunted through the only speakers available. So if you’re worried that by playing a 7.1 audio track through a 5.1 system you might “miss” something, worry not. You won’t. By having the ability to decode the extra two channels of information, however, provides even better spatial definition than traditional 5.1 – the caveat to that is that you really need a room big enough to generate the value.

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