2010 Worst Film Week Movie Review Worst Film Weeks

Movie Review – Jumanji, United 93 & Talladega Nights

Today we welcome special guest reviewer Robert Nowotny to fernbyfilms.com, a fellow film connoisseur and purveyor of his own opinions across at Friend Site, Need To Vent. Robert gladly accepted my challenge to write something about the films he hated, and I was most impressed when he came up with three! One of these choices is destined to be highly controversial, I’ll admit, but that’s what we’re here for, to debate the merits of film.

2010 Worst Film Week Movie Review Worst Film Weeks

Movie Review – UltraViolet

Wimmer (or should that be the faceless moron who ended up cutting this film apart like so much tissue-paper before sticking it together like a badly formed Jenga pile) directs UltraViolet with a complete lack of narrative emphasis, instead relying on the drooling masses ogling at Jovovich’s body shimmering across the screen. B-grade effects aside, this film is like gargling shit for ninety minutes. Throw in those effects, UltraViolet is like drinking somebody else’s vomit and having the nerve to call it art. To say UltraViolet is a bad film is to compare Ed Wood to Michaelangelo: and offer them both an Academy Award for services rendered. UltraViolet isn’t an actual film, in the truest sense of the word. Films have a beginning, a middle and, hopefully an end. Somewhere in there they usually try and have things like story, characters and a reason for existing. This film sips all that rubbish and tries to entertain you based on how shiny things look how fake the effects look, and how many times they can get Milla pouting at something off-camera. Casablanca is a film. Gone With The Wind is a film. UltraViolet refuses point blank to be anything but a glorified music video for Wimmer’s ego-driven prediliction for gun-toting violence.

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