Megan Fox Dumped From Transformers 3

You are DUMPED!!!

Astounding (but hardly surprising) news today out of Hollywood, that actress Megan Fox has been dumped a week into filming on Michael Bay’s Transformers 3. Reports over at Deadline are suggesting that Bay has sacked his female star due to her comments last year comparing Bay with Hitler, saying that working with the director was like working for the Nazi chief. You can read all the gory details on that page, including the variety of blog posts and magazine quotes which have led to this occuring. And like many, I don’t think Megan’s career can survuive this; after all, her other film ventures (Jonah HexJennifer’s Body) have all flopped commercially at the box office, leading many to speculate that she won’t be getting any major roles anytime soon.

Check out the report on Deadline here.

PS: Sorry for posting what is essentially “gossip”, but considering we have an entire page devoted to TF3 here at, we thought it was worth mentioning.

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