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Movie Review – Mechanic, The (2011)

Solid action thriller with Statham doing his usual work – uncompromising, tough and stylish. Ben Foster plays a great foil for Statham’s less verbose character, giving the film a fresh antagonism so sorely needed whenever Jason goes up against the bad guys. The plot isn’t great, and the characters are petty one dimensional, but the film delivers enough action and violence to keep the guys watching it happy.

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Movie Review – 13 Assassins

Tremendously exciting action adventure flick from prodigious Japanese director Miike, 13 Assassins does tend to get a little too melodramatic at times; the finale battle, a forty minute bloody spectacle the likes of which we’ve not seen since John Woo’s The Killer. Instead of pure cinema style, Miike imbues his film with a bloody realism, an almost at-times documentary-style actioner that feels more like Bourne Supremacy than Enter The Dragon.

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Movie Review – Game Change

Absorbing, confronting political intrigue can’t make up for the fact that there’s almost no way of making this film exciting – we know the eventual outcome – and yet there’s definitely a sense of urgency about proceedings. Roach handles the ensemble cast well, Julianne Moore morphs convincingly into Alaskan Governor Palin, and Harris delivers a walloping portrayal of former US Captain in the Navy McCain; Game Change might be intelligently filmed, but what is most frightening is just how much of this might be, or might not be, entirely true.

Movie Review The Twilight Saga

Movie Review – Twilight Saga, The: Breaking Dawn – Part 1

I watched this film with extremely low expectations – let me make that point again: extremely low expectations. I’d read the books, of course, so I knew what to expect as far as the story went, but part of me was curious as to just how a director of Condon’s caliber might pull off one of the most unneccessary extended epilogues of all time. Let’s just say that about ten minutes in, I’d started to wish that I could be staked through the heart to allow the pain of watching this crap to end.

Chronicles of Narnia Movie Review

Movie Review – Chronicles of Narnia, The: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader

Gargantuan mess of a film, devoid of heart or soul, with the Hollywood sheen of mediocrity swelling its bloated narrative in place of genuinely engaging characters: Voyage Of The Dawn Treader is almost a complete and utter waste of everyone’s time. Little kids and people with low IQ’s might enjoy it, but the rest of us can avoid this one like the plague.


Vale – Marvin Hamlisch

Acclaimed composer and arranger Marvin Hamlisch has passed away. Mr Hamlisch, one of only 11 people to win the four major entertainment awards in the US – a Grammy, Emmy, Oscar and a Tony – as well the second of only two to win all those plus receive a Pulitzer Prize, was accepted in to Juliard at aged 7, after being recognized as a child prodigy at 5. Hamlisch would score his first film, The Swimmer, in 1968, the first of many films he’d work on throughout his career.

Greatest Of The Modern Age The Oscars Top 10 List

The Top 10 Greatest Best Picture Oscar Winners of The Modern Age

With the passing of time, many a Best Picture winner has not quite stood up in the years since. At the 62nd Academy Awards, in 1989, Driving Miss Daisy won against competition like My Left Foot, Field Of Dreams, and Born of the Fourth Of July. Miss Daisy is a better film than Oliver Stone’s searing indictment of the Vietnam War and the US’s treatment of veterans? No doubt many bloggers could make arguments for many of the films which missed out on the big gong, only to stand the test of time down the track. Here, regardless of whether each film deserved to be awarded the winner, we look at the 32 potential inclusions to this list, and pick the ten best.

Film Classic Movie Review

Movie Review – Forbidden Planet

While it may feel a little clunky by modern standards, there’s no denying the manner in which Forbidden Planet influenced science fiction films ever since. The visuals remain pretty awesome considering the vintage of the film, and the concept is pretty fun, even if today’s audiences will find the acting somewhat stiff and hammy, and Robbie The Robot’s first appearance might be something of a headscratcher – all that taken into account, Forbidden Planet is still a fun watch for what it is.