Movie Review X-Men Franchise

Movie Review – X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Energetic, yet fatally flawed comic-b0ok film which falls far from the lofty heights of The Dark Knight, Iron Man or even, gulp, the original X-Men for character development and narrative cohesion. A plethora of second tier characters, all with limited screen time, simple seem to get in the way of the mighty Wolverine, without really adding anything to the mythos of the character. Second rate effects, and a script bordering on anaemic, only add to this film’s woes. Enjoyable only as a lowbrow entry into the mighty X-Men saga that does nothing to further Fox’s cause to make more.

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Movie Review – Tropic Thunder

Big budget comedy film delivers in spades, with Stiller’s normal poe-faced wimp getting the brush off to a beefier, ripped Rambo-style action star. Downey Jr is outstanding, and Jack Black intersperses his usual comedy shtick with some genuine laughs. Action sequences are well filmed, comedy is superbly done, and the film features the most amazing extended cameo (Cruise) in history, which is genuinely hilarious.