Vale – Lucy Gordon

Lucy Gordon - 1980-2009
Lucy Gordon - 1980-2009

It’s always a sad duty to report on the passing of an actor or actress, especially when that person is much beloved or recognised. It’s an even sadder duty to report on the death of somebody quite young, and often in the early stages of their career. River Phoenix, for example, or Heath Ledger, more recently, raised the profile of young talent leaving us much too soon.

And so we must now look again to the passing of another young light, English actress Lucy Gordon, who, while she may not have had the tenure and commercial appeal of Ledger or Phoenix, was tragically taken from us recently nonetheless, which is heartbreaking to see. The investigation into her death is currently ongoing, so no comment will be passed regarding that here, however, the event in istelf is a loss to the industry, and a tragedy as a whole. Our thoughts are with her family and friends at this time.

Gordon is perhaps best known for her work with the late Heath Ledger in the film The Four Feathers, and as a reporter in Spider-Man 3; she also had a number of upcoming projects in the pipeline. What is always sad when somebody so young passes away, is that there is so much talent that just vanishes, without ever being given the opportunity to develop a truly magnificent career.

Lucy Gordon was 28.

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