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Movie Review – Man Of Steel

Briskly paced, gob-smackingly action-packed reboot of the Superman franchise delivers as much carnage, whizz-bang effects and deviation from previous iterations as fans might hope for. Epitomising a modern day blockbuster, Man Of Steel delivers an Earth-shaking action film somewhat bereft of humility or emotion, but more than making up for it with one of the greatest super-powered battle sequences ever committed to film. This isn’t the Superman of the 80’s, folks. This is Superman of the new, dark-edged, post 9/11 world, and it’s an awesome experience indeed.

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Movie: The Movie

US talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel provides a fair amount of lunacy via his show, and this little effort is no different. In the grand tradition of the great film trailers (including the deep-voiced voice-over dude), Kimmel has put together one of the greatest films ever made, and called it Movie: The Movie…. Here’s the trailer and explanation from Kimmel himself.

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