From The Editor – Worst Film Week 2010

Hello my dear readers!

Welcome to the  Annual Worst Film Week here at Each year, in September, we take a look at some of the worst films ever made, from recent turkeys of the last 12 months, to films you may have missed from ages ago! We don’t discriminate when it comes to bad films: we want to warn you about them all. So this week, we’ve decided to have a shot at a couple of debacles you may have missed!

This year we’ve invited several of our fellow movie bloggers to join in on the action. Al K Hall over at The Bar None will pour a pint on one an actor he considers to among the very worst, and Above The Line scribe (and frequent commenter here at Rory will dissect the art of turning what could have been a great film into a rubbish one. One starring two of cinema’s most enduring icons! He’s standing proudly side-by-side with Dan Stephens at Top 10 Films and Robert Nowotny from Need To Vent, who will vent (ha!) their spleens on various cruddy films they’ve seen. Also on board for this special occasion is friend of the site Emma Muhlack, providing a comedic journey to discover the films she loves to hate.

We thank our contributors for their…. er, contributions, and we hope you’ll visit their sites in due course to say howdy! Their sites can be accessed not only here in this post, but also in their links under the “Friends” banner in the sidebar. We usually link to their stuff on our own reviews of similar films anyway, so you’ll always have plenty of unique and intelligent (if not inebriated, Al!) things to read on a film we’ve seen! Give them a friendly visit and prepare to be surprised!!

We’ve also trolled the interweb to bring you this years instalment of the World Worst Film Posters, fresh from their digital uploading across the world. There’s some real shockers there too, let me tell you. Hilarious, but bad! Plus, we’ll look back again at the biggest financial box office bombs of all time, as well as bringing you our official list of the Top Ten Worst Films Ever Made.

By far, though, the most anticipated item of this weeks event is the return of a contributing author we’d thought long gone from these hallowed pages. The Secret Squirrel, the fluffy one him/herself, has come out of retirement for a one-off review on a film he/she has found truly dreadful in recent times. We welcome back the Secret One for this all-star affair, and look forward to his/her review later in the week.

Things officially get under way later today, as I take a look at what I consider to be the single worst films made during the 00’s, UltraViolet. That’s online about lunchtime today, so check back with us and take a look….

So enjoy this weeks worst of the worst. We thoroughly enjoy bringing it to you!!

Rodney T – Worst. Editor. Ever.

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