When we came around once again to our Worst Film Week, we decided to offer a spot in the site to former regular author The Secret Squirrel. The Secret One, who may be either female or male, left us a year or so ago to pursue family commitments, and so could no longer continue to write for us. But back in August, I sent a missive to the Secret One to ask if he/she would be willing to jot a few precious words down about a film he/she hated. And so, without further ado, what you read below are the few precious words I received in reply.

Oh, I have added edits in bold typeface.

Moon, I think this is one of those “love it or hate it” films.
A monotonous, slow-moving, primitive sci-fi movie. The plot was not terribly predictable, however, after the small mystery was revealed about 2 thirds of the way through, I certainly did not feel I missed out on anything when asleep through the rest.
It must be  a trying role to act opposite yourself, the actor (Sam Rockwell) does manage it well, but it was really a small interest point within a huge, empty movie. I can’t remember any funny scenes, there were no pivotal moments, and with little unrealistic food for thought. It had a run of the mill “Average Joe vs. What Humans/Government/Technology have Created” feel.  Don’t remember the soundtrack (by Clint Mansell), the set was nothing beautiful, and I never created any sort of attachment with the characters involved.
Duncan (Jones, the director), all the best, but I will not be anticipating the next release just yet.

Oh, how we missed you, oh Secret One. Thanks once more to the Secret Squirrel for coming down out of his/her tree to once more bless us with his/her words of wisdom. I guess Moon ain’t no great film for a fluffy tree-dwelling mammal!!

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