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Representing Humanity – Explaining Earth to Extraterrestrials in 5 Films

The most recent Blogathon doing the rounds is one I was invited to participate in by Sam over at Duke & the Movies (a wonderfully insightful blog, and worth your while checking out – and I’m not just saying that!) is entitled Representing Humanity. The concept it elegantly simple: aliens have landed, and our only way of communicating with them was to show them 5 films, five singular movies which encapsulate humanity in all its glory, warts and all. Which would you choose? An Adam Sandler comedy? Michael Bay’s Transformers, just to show off? Here’s our picks (in no particular order), and be sure to head over to Sam’s site as your hub for all the links to the blogathon!

ET: The Extraterrestrial

I’d choose this film simply for its message of interstellar tolerance. That, and to make sure our new alien visitors were aware that not all of us are gun toting government agents hell bent on keeping things under wraps.

Mars Attacks

We can kill you with yodeling music. And Tom Jones.


Humanity’s capacity for love knows almost no bounds, and I think this is the film to show the quirky, at-all-costs we go to to achieve it. And the visitors can be thankful I didn’t include Notting Hill.

Band Of Brothers

Okay, it’s not technically a film as such, but for its depiction of battle, comradeship and honor it’s hard to overlook. Plus, our new visitors need to know how brutal humanity can be in its darkest times.

Citizen Kane

How the human condition can make us do the most confounding things…


5 thoughts on “Representing Humanity – Explaining Earth to Extraterrestrials in 5 Films

  1. i know you thought about including it but didn't, so you must've had your reasons, but i'm thinking Independence Day would be a good addition so they know to behave themselves. Also Men In Black (the only one) to let them know how things'll be regulated. Also, Mrs D says anything by David Lynch.

    1.  @AlKHall Mrs D has class, doesn't she? I was thinking about ID4 and MIB, and did consider it, but I didn't want to come off as being too arrogant and belligerent. Plus, the thought of exposing alien visitors to Will Smith might do more harm than good. Thanks Al!!

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