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Movie Review – Wrath of The Titans

The epitome of Big Dumb Fun, Wrath of The Titans is filled with stunning visual effects, sound design and story, no, acting, no wait, direction – the hell with it: you get what you expect from this film, and nothing more. It’s never about the acting, nor the plot, and for some reason Hollywood still seems keen to give Sam Worthington lead roles in films; up against the monsters and demons he does well, but he’s utterly unconvincing as Perseus once again when it comes to things like emotion and “acting”. Wrath is large-scale popcorn entertainment that will never win an Oscar, but will certainly keep the teenage boy market (and me) quite happily entertained for 90 minutes.

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Movie Review – Pacific, The (The Complete Series)

Gruelling, thoughtful and insightful, The Pacific makes a perfect third effort in the collaboration between Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, after Saving Private Ryan and Band Of Brothers, and is among the very best TV series’ seen this year. HBO’s amazing BluRay set gives this series the high definition transfer to die for, with some of the most stunning sound and visual presentations I’ve seen in ages. The Pacific is essential war-film viewing, and a must-own for any serious film/TV collector.

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Movie Review – Inception (Blu-Review)

Earlier this year, the majority of film critics and audiences were blown away with director Christopher Nolan’s follow-up to The Dark Knight, Inception. Inception is a film we’ve already reviewed here at, and you can follow this link to read it, but we thought we’d have a shot at giving you our thoughts on the BluRay presentation of the film, released back in December. Whether you like the film (or are among the twelve people on planet Earth who did not…. fools!) is irrelevant to your enjoyment of this BluRay version of the film, for it represents one of the formats most impressive visual and aural presentations to date.

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Movie Review – Robin Hood (2010)

Rousing, wide-screen spectacle about the birth of Robin Hood (figuratively) in the way only Ridley Scott can. Better than many serious critics give it credit for, Crowe and Blanchett lack the chemistry needed by Robin and Marion, but the film delivers enough action, humour and zest to more than account for this single deficiency. While not a contender for the title of best Robin Hood story by a long shot, Ridley Scott delivers a solid, entertaining and often exciting adventure film in the mould of the grand traditions of Hollywood.

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Movie Review – Gamer

Genuinely cool premise, directed by the guys who made the Crank films, begins interestingly, swaggers through some half-baked plot twists, and then comes undone with a decidedly stupid ending. Butler again proves why he is such a dynamic leading man, with a magnificent physical presence giving this film the punch it needs. Great use of camerawork gives this film the vibrancy and energy the script demands, and goes some way to overcoming the script’s largish faults.

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Movie Review – Wizard Of Oz, The (1939)

Unassailable classic of cinema, The Wizard Of Oz remains one of cinema’s most enduring icons, alongside Gone With The Wind, The Godfather, and Citizen Kane, as a moment of bottled magic. While many films made early last century have now dated and become relics of their era, Wizard remains as fresh now as it did the day it premiered in 1939. If you have never seen this version of the story (and let’s be honest, a lot of younger folk won’t have!) then can I beseech you to do so?

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