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Movie Review – Santa Clause 2, The

Surprisingly charming sequel to the original gem, Tim Allen and the team do a wonderful job recapturing the charm and magic that made the first film so great. The majority of the original cast return (albeit slightly older), and a few new ones are thrown into the mix – the darker nature of the “fake Santa” storyline may be too adult for the younger kiddies, but the drama and romance are handled well by director Michael Lembeck. A solid, winning formula once more transports us into the world of the Santa Clause.

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Movie Review – Nightmare Before Christmas, The (Mini Review)

Well filmed, dark and utterly captivating, Nightmare is one film that’s hard to fit into a specific mold. Is it a Christmas film or a Halloween film? Is it suitable for kids or only for adults, given its dark themes and style? Truth be told, it doesn’t really matter, since the film remains an essential watch whenever Christmas comes around. Superlative animation techniques, great music from Danny Elfman, and a kooky, elaborate story from Tim Burton, make this film a genuine, bona fide classic.

From the Editor

From the Editor – 2011 In Review

Well, we’ve almost made it to the end of another year, with Christmas just under a week away. Now is the time for celebrating the holiday season, spending time with family and relaxing after spending the last 12 months or so slogging away at whatever job it is you do – me, I’m off to my parents farm for a bit of R&R over the break, so with that in mind I thought now might be a good opportunity to get a few housekeeping items out of the way.

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Movie Review – Paul

Fans of science fiction will lap this up, even though it does hit a few flat spots here and there, while those not exactly predisposed to appreciate the subtle differences between Star Wars and Star Trek may find this completely uninvolving. I found it hilarious, my wife didn’t. It’s a good film, just not a great one.

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Movie Review – Lincoln Lawyer, The

Solidly acted, slowly paced, highly improbably courtroom drama plays like any episode of Law & Order you care to watch, although the superb cast and subtle, dry humor keeps things humming along nicely. I don’t believe this film really deserved the big-screen treatment, with it’s somewhat cliched “lawyer defending the indefensible” plot device having been done before, but The Lincoln Lawyer has just enough chutzpah to keep viewers watching this intelligent, occasionally breathless dramatic crime-thriller.

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Movie Review – Public Enemies

Well acted, yet emotionally shallow period film retelling the story of John Dillinger, bank robber extraordinaire. Michael Mann delivers pulse-raising action, yet cannot find the hook for the main characters to bring the audience into this story – making this relevant to modern audiences, either as a morality fable or a straight-up action film seems to have eluded the filmmaker this time around.

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Movie Review – Super 8

Super 8 is a terrific film, regardless of your appreciation for science fiction or “monster” movies, of which this is an example of both. It’s perhaps best described as a coming-of-age movie, and a damn fine example of one at that. JJ Abrams connects with the audience through the kids in this film, and drags us kicking into the rabbit hole.