Movie: The Movie

US talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel provides a fair amount of lunacy via his show, and this little effort is no different. In the grand tradition of the great film trailers (including the deep-voiced voice-over dude), Kimmel has put together one of the greatest films ever made, and called it Movie: The Movie…. Here’s the trailer and explanation from Kimmel himself.

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Fernby Films – The Archive Editions Trailer…..

Welcome to 2011 folks! To kick of the new year, I have a trailer for y’all to enjoy, which is designed for the upcoming release of the Fernby Films Archive Edition DVD’s, which will happen later in the year. We’re pleased to announce that all our projectes, from Hello Annabel, to Thrash Bus II and Schoolyard Justice, will be included. Anyway, enough of me waffling, here’s the trailer! Watch in HD for full enjoyment!!

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Skyline – New Clip Online Here!!!

Regular readers of this website will know just how much we’re looking to see Skyline, the new film from the Strause Brothers, which we’ve been plugging since word of it came along the interweb. We don’t normally go for “spoiler” material like this, but for those of you wondering if this is a big-budget flick or a B-grader, I suggest you check out this 50 second clip from the film. One word: awesome!

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