Burning Bright – Trailer

I’d never heard of this. Not even a hint of it circulated the net. After watching this trailer, this looks pretty damned awesome! A family trapped in a house, along with a man-eating Bengal Tiger. Looks like somebody got drunk, came up with a premise and regardless of logic and credibility, decided to make a film of it. And, if this trailer is anything to go by, it could be a tight little thriller.

Trailer starts at the 25sec mark. (Yeah, takes a while to warm up!)

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1 thought on “Burning Bright – Trailer

  1. "This is against my better judgement" – That reminds me of the line, "Never get out of the boat" from Apocalypse Now. I have to agree with you, someone got really drunk and pitched the idea to a bunch of other guys with money to burn who were just a tad bit more smashed and bling, bong, boom.

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