The Green Hornet – Trailer Here!!!

Look, I’m not really a huge fan of Seth Rogen per se, I usually find his shtick quite laborious and overstated. Still, if this trailer is anything to go by, at least there’ll be explosions in the new Green Hornet movie to distract me. And plenty of Cameron Diaz, which is nowhere near a bad thing.

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3 thoughts on “The Green Hornet – Trailer Here!!!

  1. Looking forward to this 🙂

    I've been searching for pictures (stills) of Edward Furlong in it, but can't seem to find any. He's changed so much appearance-wise since his younger days, I wonder will he transform for his role, ableit a smaller one.

  2. Cool! i've really been looking forward to this. i have vague recollections of the original series and as a tot i thought it was super cool. With Seth as a spoiled rich kid turned super hero, it looks a little like Ironman, but there's action, style, and Diaz! Even better, it looks like there's TONS of drinking!


    Al K Hall

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