Skyline – The Next ID4??

Just scouted this fresh trailer for a movie called Skyline, directed by The Brothers Strause (the duo behind such gargantuan success Alien V Predator: Requiem) and featuring a cast of almost nobody. Nobody that I could recognise, anyway. The trailer, a teaser, looks pretty damn sweet, though. But for some reason I am reminded of various moments of the classic sci-fi destructo film, Independence Day. Anyone else feel the same??

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2 thoughts on “Skyline – The Next ID4??

  1. Hey Rodney,

    I was thinking the very same thought, Independence Day Redux, right? The introduction is a little too, familiar I guess, given my last month or so of aliens from space or from within our own planet, deposited there from some time before to hatch and kill everyone – or die trying. I think the last alien movie that surprised and thrilled me was District 9. This trailer, however, is very well produced. I'm a little put off by the cast of 'nobody', given my dislike of The Losers recently. Trailer was nice and if it plays anything like the film we might have a sleeper hit.


    1. The problem is the fact that ID4 was so iconic, so pervasive in its concept, that anything even remotely similar smacks of… well, being similar. ID4 casts a very long shadow I guess.

      And you're right about District 9: completely agree with you.

      I wouldn't say a cast of "unknowns" is a bad thing, as such; it worked for Cloverfield…..

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