Trailer Trash – Superbowl Spots! CloverCivilJungleBournePool and more!!!


So, the 50th Superbowl has been played, but f@ck that because that only means more awesome movie trailers came our way. Click the jump to view all the TV spots that dropped alongside the most ignored football game on Earth.







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    1. Ahh yes, you've stumbled upon the great question of Civil War. Is it a Captain America film with the Avenger sall in it, or an Avengers film with Captain America in it?

      From what I understand, Civil War is as close to an outright Avengers film as we'll get before Infinity War I at the end of the decade. I think we'll see the film serve as something of a course correction for the MCU (apparently a major character is killed off) and set the tone for films such as Thor 3, Black Panther, Captain Marvel and the rest scheduled to come out. My bet is that this'll be the last time we see RDJ as Iron Man until at least Infinity War, and my gut tells me the "Empire Strikes Back" part of this whole MCU thing is about to start.

      1. Thanks for clearing that up. I do worry a little that I'll have an issue with these "epic war" Marvel movies that hindered The Hobbit 3's story – ie. it was just all-out battle for two and a half hours. I love the Marvel movies when they concentrate on the characters with a nice balance of action – too much smash, bang, wallop and I start to look at my watch.
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        1. I"m as slam-bang as they come when it comes to heroes duking it out on screen, although even I was worn down by Man of Steel's bombardment of destruction. I'm less inclined to think Civil War will be quite so devastating on an infrastructure scale, moreso the characters themselves (especially if the rumoured "big death" is as big as its being made out to be). I have found all the Marvel films (with the exception possibly of the first Avengers film) to be relatively balanced with story and destruction, usually finding a good way to balance both within the context of their narratives. I'm hoping the fact this is a Captain America film instead of an Avengers 2.5 film will allow it to continue the tradition of finding character within action; I too worry that the Infinity War films will simply be Marvel's "Peter Jacksoning" of the brand to the point it's almost entirely CG combat.

    1. I don't understand the NFL at all -and I've seen so many movies using it as a backdrop I should understand the rules. According to most people I know it's three or four hours of people standing around but about 30 actual minutes of anything happening. I know for sure, if I was watching the game on TV I'd be begging for something cool to see between nothingness.

        1. My response would be: of course we do, and like every other sport our country enjoys, they do not wear soft-cock pillows all over themselves.

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