Trailer Trash! – The Lion King (Teaser)

Disney have broken the internet with the first glimpse of their upcoming Lion King live-action (if you can call it that) version, directed by Jungle Book and Iron Man helmer Jon Favreau.

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2 thoughts on “Trailer Trash! – The Lion King (Teaser)

  1. They broke a lot if things. My house basically exploded as soon as everyone figured out what movie was being advertised. Conversations stopped and didn’t quite resume after it was over. Instead, it turned into everyone announcing their verbal commitment to be at the theater opening night.

    1. I’m impressed with the visuals – they look spectacular – but I’m concerned the story and basic plot will follow the original film, and it looks like Favreau has pretty closely followed the shot selection of the animated version. The next trailer will give us an indication as to whether or not this is simply a rehash/retread or something new and interesting.

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