2 thoughts on “Movie Review – Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

  1. Anderson is a total hack. It's amazing to me he can still get films off the ground. He's like a slightly higher-rent version of Uwe Boll. I'm amazed you had the stomach to watch all of these goddamn trainwrecks. I could only stand two of them before I bowed out. I feel bad for Jovovich, too. She could have had a great career in action, but kept appear in these abominations instead, and now I hold little hope she'll do anything other than B-movie work for the rest of her life.

    1. Silver lining: At least Jovovich understands her limitations. She's not a great dramatic actress, or even one who can be flat-out funny, so appearing as an action heroine is about as far as she'll ever go. Signing up for these turds has dented her credibility though. I think she's okay with that, though, as it doesn't appear she's even trying to sign up for better movies.

      What's most disappointing about the Resident Evil franchise is that they're progressively veered away from at least trying to tell a decent story within the concept and just going for silly, balls-out action stupidity. I stand by my belief that the first film was perfect as far as game-to-film adaptations go; it never tried to be anything other than a scary, self-aware thrill ride. Sadly, once we got to film three and the whole "multi-film franchise" aesthetic was set up, it all got too silly for its own good. Anderson directing his own scripts was always gonna be trouble and I think the studio gave him far too much leeway in wasting money to get these to the screen. It's just so frustrating when you consider the launching pad the first film started with.

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