5 thoughts on “Movie Review – Warcraft: The Beginning

  1. I was not a fan of this one. The film just feels so overwhelmed by its ambition. As always, you deconstruct all the problems very well!

    1. Ha ha, I did enjoy this despite finding it rather burdened by its own ambition (as you say); to be honest, the best thing to come out of this was the Twitter "war" between Jones and Rogue One director Gareth Evans, which was utterly hilarious!

  2. This is how I knew you weren't going to like this movie: "Okay, I watched this movie."

    LOL! Great opening! Sorry it disappointed. I haven't seen it yet, and now have no plans to do so.

    1. I wasn't really expecting this film to be awesome – at least, not in that Lord of The Rings Awesome way we all hoped – but it wasn't terrible. Call it diverting, call it diluted by overkill, call it all-style-over-substance and you have it about right. It's the kind of film you eat junk food in front of and then promptly forget both once you turn off the movie.

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